Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lovely Linen Bits: Collection II

Here is my pile of thrift store linen bits.  I snag them from the miscellaneous bins and usually get them for a dime or a quarter but I have been known to pay a dollar.  If the store has a nicely arranged basket with individually priced hankies that are washed and pressed--they are asking too much.  I think that I will use them but only rarely do--I need to remedy that or when I die someone is going to take all my stuff down to the thrift store and they will sell it by the pound.

Pillowcases--I have more but they are in circulation on our beds.

Hankies and monogrammed linens, some newish and some old.

A couple of linen table sets that have never been used and a couple of napkin sets that have a lovely soft washed feel.

Napkins--they might be nice in a quilt?
Real Irish Linen decorative dishcloths--I need to wash them to give them the lovely soft feel.  The red one would make a beautiful pillow.  I don't really do throw pillows though.

More linen dishcloths--so soft.

Not a very good picture, but anything eyelet or cutwork I will snatch up.  Love the textures.  Also green and orange are my favorite colors ever.

More napkins and a bit of hand stitched quilt top--it is pretty ragged but might be nice in an all hand stitched doll quilt.

This collection is also not on purpose.  I just see nice little bits and add them to my pile and every so often flip through them and think about using them.  


susan said...

ooh i think that purple and red would make a gorgeous pillow! that is my favorite kind of collection, the ones that arent on purpose! that is exactly what happened with my scales. the pink floral pillowcase that is second to the left is my fave. so pretty!!

Sonya said...

I love vintage linens. That is some kind of wonderful collection you have going on.