Friday, March 7, 2008

Thriftin' thriftin' thriftin', keep them dogies thriftin'

You know--sing it to the tune of Rawhide.  I an effort to avoid reality again today (and in a need to keep you all impressed with my fabulous thrift stores) I went in search of treasures in a couple of places that I don't go to as often.  They did not disappoint.

This picture is dark but shows the stitching on the doilies nicely--the sheet is very nice but is only printed on one end (couldn't tell that from the way it was wrapped).

The pink is a duvet cover but has so much yardage of that lovely fabric--It is modern but I still really like it.  The top fabric actually matched so nicely that I bought it, even though I probably wouldn't have otherwise.

This was a little mildewed but was only 10 cents and has some fun stuff in it.

There are actually several copies of each game in the notebook--can you identify all of the actors?

This Pyrex is getting to be a problem.....but lovely fabric, no?  (The middle bowl is plain turquoise and the small one is the same as the large.)

I like these chickenscratch dishtowels--handmade and somewhat used, but still lovely.  They would be nice in a red kitchen.

Hotpad/trivets--probably fairly new but very nicely done and a nice old Scrabble set. I haven't checked to see if it is complete.

I think tomorrow I will do my vintage book collection, so keep your eyes peeled!


susan said...

oooo lots of goodies! i envy you, i dont have the money right now to go thrifting :o(. how DO you luck out with the pyrex like that????

Pasha said...

Yeah, I think I need to say my Pyrex collection is complete--of course now that I say that I will find the loveliest pieces. Maybe I need to cull my pieces? Get rid of all but the best?