Saturday, March 15, 2008


Ok, thanks for the feedback (woo hoo more than 3 readers!).  Tell me now what you think of my new (to me) idea.  
#1  I am going to concentrate on making my apron dresses and bloomers from newborn to size 4 (or 5?) in vintage fabrics and trims and buttons.  

#2  I will perfect the apron dress and all its permutations with the fabric I have now and will acquire more from my usual sources.  

#3  I will sew these as time permits while I am in school and list a few on Etsy as I feel like it. 

#4   I will scope out the children's boutiques here in town as I have time.  

#5  Then when school is out and I have a decent inventory, I will make appointments with said boutiques and show them my wares.  

#6  I will ask if they are interested and if not, why.  
I am washing a great pile of fabrics right now and will iron them tomorrow and begin cutting out soon.  I have to fit in some homework sometime, but after being in kind of a fog for a few days I am feeling it lifting.  Does anybody else get that fog that just blocks positive feeling and action??  I hate it and rail against it and I never can figure out what dispels it.  I think tonight it might have been seeing part of a PBS pledge week special on brain exercises and how you have to think yourself out of a rut.  So I just decided to pick a path and go down it, hence the apron dress thing.  I know other people make them but I like to make them and think the simplicity of the design really works with the fabrics--plus they are comfortable for the little ones.

So now the danger is my waking up in the morning and thinking that this was not such a great idea and what does it all matter anyways.  
So, once again I ask for your opinion--
good plan or problematic plan?  
Are the apron dresses enough or are the more complicated ones better?  
Is the dress and bloomers enough or do I need to do headbands or bonnets?  
(I should warn you that I never liked the headgear that came with outfits for my daughter and they are awfully fussy to make.)  
But maybe the outfits really need something more?
Of course, I assume that I will drop the apron dresses after a while but I am thinking that concentrating on one thing and getting it really right might be a good strategy for me. 
 See how I am convincing you all that I am right?


susan said...

this is just me, but i would focus on a little older girls size say 2t -6t. i would be a little more leary to spend a large amount of money on something that my child would wear for only a short time
just my op

Jan said...

Yes I CAN relate to everything you posted. Please, just do what feels right. Really. Then...DO it.