Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

This card cracks me up--obviously I can't send it to my Grandpa, unless he is willing to give it back to me.


susan said...

see now thats my problem, i buy cute stuff like this and then i cant give it away unless the recipient promises to give it back!!! i am glad i am not the only one that is afflicted with this

Anonymous said...

Now you have four. You're in the bigtime, sista!

I think the dress is really sweet. My daughter has a real sort of "hippie aesthetic" as we say, and loves vintage fabrics and bright things (not the typical pink and purple). If I had that dress I would force her to wear it at least once every 10 days or so. Nah - she'd want to wear it more than that.

Cute, cute!

julie said...

Just found your blog thru oodles and oodles. My mom just moved back east to western NY after 28 years in Tucson. If you are a big thrifter I bet you would recognize her. We used to go the 4th Ave when I came to town.

susan said...

pasha where are you?
i am sick of seeing that weird looking guy on the card!!!! post something!!!! even if its a picture of your desktop!!