Monday, February 9, 2009

So, this is really fantastic and you all should watch it and pass it on.  (Still busy here at school, and it might snow in the desert tonight!)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am not sure I should be posting...

I have been gone a long time and have thought about giving up on this blog thing because I will start school again soon and probably dive back in to the hole of internet darkness.  But I made some blankets and am sending them to my family and thought I would take a picture for posterity and my own mind and then I thought I could put them on the blog for my own archiving purposes since I have probably lost my 5 readers.  Some day I might get back into this blogging thing--when school is over and I have a mental life that is my own.

They are all wool, cashmere, angora and merino and mostly feel really nice.  I just cut up the sweaters and serged them all together.  I did lay them out before sewing to get a nice balance of color and texture.  The last one is really soft merino wool that was a skirt, short sleeve sweater and cardigan that would have just looked so dumpy on anyone but for $4 it makes a gorgeous lap/sofa blanket.  On that one I used rainbow thread in the serger to brighten it up a little.

I might have a couple of more posts here soon because I signed up for Regina's Birds of Change swap and have to make those up right quick.