Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am not sure I should be posting...

I have been gone a long time and have thought about giving up on this blog thing because I will start school again soon and probably dive back in to the hole of internet darkness.  But I made some blankets and am sending them to my family and thought I would take a picture for posterity and my own mind and then I thought I could put them on the blog for my own archiving purposes since I have probably lost my 5 readers.  Some day I might get back into this blogging thing--when school is over and I have a mental life that is my own.

They are all wool, cashmere, angora and merino and mostly feel really nice.  I just cut up the sweaters and serged them all together.  I did lay them out before sewing to get a nice balance of color and texture.  The last one is really soft merino wool that was a skirt, short sleeve sweater and cardigan that would have just looked so dumpy on anyone but for $4 it makes a gorgeous lap/sofa blanket.  On that one I used rainbow thread in the serger to brighten it up a little.

I might have a couple of more posts here soon because I signed up for Regina's Birds of Change swap and have to make those up right quick.


Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

I was so happy to see your update showing in my blog list! I hope you've been well and had a good holiday. Your serged blankets are really great - bet they're nice and soft. Blogging is fun only if you have the time to do it (and I haven't had much lately, but hope to) - anyway, wishing you and yours a happy 2009!

susan said...

ha! look at that you still have two of your readers!!
i adore those blankets
my fave is the bottom one i think, and the variagated thread is fab on it!
hears hoping you are able to post occasionally!!!

Regina said...

From reader #3:

Oh, those blankets look so soft and warm and I am so cold right now.

They are beautiful gifts.

I am so glad you have time to be in my swap. I bet your free time has been flying though. I hope it doesn't go by too quick.

How much more school do you have left? I hope it's not too much longer.

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas and have a wonderful 2009 :)

Knitsonya said...

No, no - not the hole of internet blackness! Lovely blankets, I need to get my serger set up and make some patchwork happen.

lettuce said...

these are fab and funky!

I found you via Creative Kismet
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