Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Burst of Craftiness

School must be starting soon because I am feeling the need to make stuff.  While out thrifting yesterday, I found this flannel and corduroy in perfectly matching colors.  Probably somebody else's project extras and since this green is pretty much my favorite color I had to get them.  I usually wait a few weeks to several years before I do anything with my fabric but I felt like these needed to be in a quilt and right away.  I gathered the lace myself from a huge spool of double edged eyelet and put a needle punched cotton batting in the middle.  Then I washed it and look how nice it turned out!  I almost like the corduroy better than the printed flannel side.

I know the colors could have been boy or girl but the eyelet was crying out to be used.  Now I need to find a recipient--sometimes I want to have another kid so that I can make more cool baby stuff and keep it but I am thinking that is not a good reason to have a baby.  I feel certain that the months of barfing would make me rue the day I ever made a cute baby blanket.  Not to mention the whole other person to take care of for the next forever!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wallpaper spectacular

Here is one of those things that the thrifter dreams of,  a roll of the loveliest paper in mint condition for a ridiculous price.  I gave a piece of it to the friend I was with at the time of the find and I am going to frame a panel for myself and put the others up on Etsy.  This paper is so lovely with dense hand screened colors and such big juicy flowers.  Does anybody know what kind of flowers they are?  They seem kind of made up, I would probably call them cabbage roses.  Can you imagine a whole wall done with this?  beautiful.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to the Real World

So we are back from Seattle and came home to no internet or phone service (on Tuesday) which was not fixed until Friday!  It was a terrible and tragic time. 

 All better now though.  :-)

Today was the first day of school and I put my daughter on the bus and drove the boys to school--first day of Kindergarden for my youngest and no picture--sigh.  He was pretty stoked so I hope everything goes swimmingly for him.  I am wandering aimlessly around the house not wanting to do my chores or my exercise routine or clean up my studio or anything really.  I have not yet completed reentry from vacation I think.

So, here is my favorite vacation purchase (actually I have several but this one is for today).  A bento lunchbox in my favorite colors.  Ta daa!

I am doing an internship this year for school and need to take my lunch at least some of the days.  It is pretty small but there is room in the bag for more if I need it and really eating a little less would be good for me, right?  I have more fun stuff to show later after I get my studio cleaned up so send your best cleaning vibes my way--k?

edit:  the lunchbox is by Zojirushi and can be found here