Wednesday, July 18, 2007


At last, my time to escape the heat has come! We are going up to Seattle by way of Utah and coming home by way of California. So I will not be posting for a couple of weeks.
But, here is my contibution for the hand done fabric swap over at Bitter Betty's. I was not sure about the fabric but then I did the lace and now I am happy.
So, tra la for now.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Get a load of this fabric!

I just put this up on Etsy--hilarious fabric. I think it is funny which people take it to mean 'broke' and which ones take it to mean 'need a push up bra'.

Sneak peek or sneek peak

I really like how my silkscreening for Bitter Betty is turning out but as I look at it I realize that the difficulty is going to be "What to do with it?". I really needed to do a lovely allover print that would lend itself to totes and dresses and "whatever your little heart desires" but instead I do a beautiful but awkwardly large design that doesn't lend itself to anything but a frame. Well, I have faith that imaginations other than my own will see myriad possibilities and get right to work bringing them to fruition.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Doll Quilt Swap Bonanza

Hey lookit everybody! I got my quilt from swap mama Wendy a few days ago (bad, bad me for not posting sooner). It really is quite lovely--I love the colors and bumpy texture.
Thank you Wendy!!
Mine is done and going into the mail today, yay!

Friday, July 6, 2007

All the doll quilt frenzy makes me want to share a project I did last year with my church. We built, painted and decorated 75 doll beds. Then we made a mattress, mattress cover, pillow, pillow case, two double sided top sheets and a quilt for each one. We also put a doll in each bed. They went to an organization that supplies toys to kids in family foster care. It was a huge project and I just about burned out on it (lots of people helped but I did about half the work), but the pictures are so great.I was reading over at Angry Chicken about the beds and sheets to go with the doll quilts in the great DQSII. Very cute.