Friday, February 29, 2008

Post of Pyrexy Goodness

So, I am not much of a stylist but here is most of my Pyrex/Fire King/milk glassware.  The sugar shaker above is where we keep our cinnamon sugar mix for toast--I got it at a thrift store in Knoxville, Tennessee last summer.  It has a metal lid that was very scummy when I bought it but it came completely clean.

I love the stacking mugs and want one of each cheerful color they come in.  I think it was Hyena in  Petticoats who had a set of four with oranges on them--but she is in Australia and the shipping would have been very painful.  Let me just say that this collection is kind of by mistake--I purchased a few pieces and then started finding more and  more.  My rule is to only buy pretty good condition and very cheap--$4 is about my limit.  Of course there are some exceptions: the yellow bowl above is chipped but I just paid a dollar.

I have several more of the turquoise with folk images on them.  I think they must have been reissued, but I still like them.  I have one more smaller of the set in the middle and they are from Pyrex, England--So I think I paid $12 for the set--only one lid though.

That big gold one I paid $10 for and totally regret it, I just don't like it as well as the others but it was 1/2 off so I was beguiled into thinking I liked it for only the low, low price of $10!  I am searching for lids for the little brown ones--I have seen them on other blogs and am totally jealous.  Also, I got the orange and brown divided dish recently because I liked the design but I cannot for the life of me figure out what to cook in it.  The custard dishes also make good dessert dishes.

The small stack of bowls I actually have 10 of--we use them for ice cream dishes in a vain attempt to rein in the serving size.  The rooster mug is not a brand name but I like the design.  The big bowl made for a very exciting day at the thrift store for me.  The little red one is pretty old I think--I really wish I had glass fronted cupboards in my kitchen to show all these pretty things off.  My daughter gets so annoyed when I rearrange the cupboards to fit one more thing in.  It is like a jigsaw puzzle and her job is to empty the dishwasher!

The snowflake and sugar dish have gold on them ( hard to see in the pic).  The yellow bowl I got today!

That top one I got today--very nice.  Still has crusted baking stains on it but I like the design and it is one of the older ones I think.  The bottom one had a lid so I just bought it without looking at it and it has a chip that makes me a little sad.  I have several small handled bowls with glass lids--more modern but I like to use them instead of plastic for leftovers.

So, there is my collection--I am showing you this because Chickenfoot is going to be showing you her collections on her blog so I thought I would join in.

Friday, February 22, 2008

yee haw!

It rained on us a little today but the sun did not blind us or make us hot so it was lovely. I am not sure why I like the rodeo so much but I think it has to do with the culture that surrounds it--I like just about anything that has a unique and tight knit culture around it. Especially if it involves traveling from place to place. I love the circus (Cirque de Soleil!), fairs, Harley riders--that idea of just living on the road surrounded by your friends just fascinates me.

I, of course, have a mortgage, three kids, a husband and more stuff than should be legal, so I am not going anywhere. But let me get rid of a couple of those things and I just might run away and join the circus (I fear I am not qualified for the rodeo).

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New purse

It is still not the perfect purse but it is getting closer--I think the size is right. The straps need to be about an inch or two longer. The interior pockets need interfacing. The whole thing needs one more layer of interfacing--perhaps with the lining and outside bonded together.

It will do for now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fun at the Thrift Store

After slogging through a chapter from my homework and assiduously avoiding housework, and after carefully averting my eyes from the lack of dinner preparations and indeed, food in the house, I went thrifting.

Pretty good day out there.

I got a couple of backpacks to go into my 72 hour preparations--I am setting up one pack for each of us with clothing, food and stuff for an emergency. Right now I have it all in one huge suitcase/duffel but it would be very unwieldy to move around and doesn't have that much in it anyways. I will spare you pictures of those but look at these pretties:

And these buttons were too hard to resist, even though I don't have much use for them.

How about this golfing fabric? I am not a golfer, nor is anyone I know but maybe I will make bags to put on Etsy? I don't think it was intended but all the golfers look like people of color or very suntanned.

So that was my day--not too fruitful workwise but very nice scorewise.

Friday, February 8, 2008


I found this great book holder/shelf thingy that was made by a boy in shop class for his mom in 1989. I am assuming.

The books on it were thrifted way back awhile ago--they have great pictures of frolicking children in darling dresses.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Gallimisss

From imagination to reality......I really should be doing homework, but the pleas of my 6 year old did not fall on deaf ears.