Friday, February 29, 2008

Post of Pyrexy Goodness

So, I am not much of a stylist but here is most of my Pyrex/Fire King/milk glassware.  The sugar shaker above is where we keep our cinnamon sugar mix for toast--I got it at a thrift store in Knoxville, Tennessee last summer.  It has a metal lid that was very scummy when I bought it but it came completely clean.

I love the stacking mugs and want one of each cheerful color they come in.  I think it was Hyena in  Petticoats who had a set of four with oranges on them--but she is in Australia and the shipping would have been very painful.  Let me just say that this collection is kind of by mistake--I purchased a few pieces and then started finding more and  more.  My rule is to only buy pretty good condition and very cheap--$4 is about my limit.  Of course there are some exceptions: the yellow bowl above is chipped but I just paid a dollar.

I have several more of the turquoise with folk images on them.  I think they must have been reissued, but I still like them.  I have one more smaller of the set in the middle and they are from Pyrex, England--So I think I paid $12 for the set--only one lid though.

That big gold one I paid $10 for and totally regret it, I just don't like it as well as the others but it was 1/2 off so I was beguiled into thinking I liked it for only the low, low price of $10!  I am searching for lids for the little brown ones--I have seen them on other blogs and am totally jealous.  Also, I got the orange and brown divided dish recently because I liked the design but I cannot for the life of me figure out what to cook in it.  The custard dishes also make good dessert dishes.

The small stack of bowls I actually have 10 of--we use them for ice cream dishes in a vain attempt to rein in the serving size.  The rooster mug is not a brand name but I like the design.  The big bowl made for a very exciting day at the thrift store for me.  The little red one is pretty old I think--I really wish I had glass fronted cupboards in my kitchen to show all these pretty things off.  My daughter gets so annoyed when I rearrange the cupboards to fit one more thing in.  It is like a jigsaw puzzle and her job is to empty the dishwasher!

The snowflake and sugar dish have gold on them ( hard to see in the pic).  The yellow bowl I got today!

That top one I got today--very nice.  Still has crusted baking stains on it but I like the design and it is one of the older ones I think.  The bottom one had a lid so I just bought it without looking at it and it has a chip that makes me a little sad.  I have several small handled bowls with glass lids--more modern but I like to use them instead of plastic for leftovers.

So, there is my collection--I am showing you this because Chickenfoot is going to be showing you her collections on her blog so I thought I would join in.


Sonya said...

I have never been a pyrex fan, but I think you have gone and turned me. I love the color theming. Oh no, I am heading to a huge White Elephant sale tomorrow. Just what I need a new thing to add to the list.

And I completely know what you mean about the frustrated child-dishwasher-emptier. I've got one of those.

susan said...

wow, let me first say you beat me to it! i just got to post my first collection today, so i am already behind you. hehe. you have a lot of adorable pieces of pyrex, and quite a few i have never seen before. i am especially partial to the one on top you just got and the pink lidded one on the bottom. boy you have a good thrift store!

Regina said...

Holy Smokes girl!!! That is quite a collection. I like your hankies, napkins and dish towels too! I'm super jealous! There is a girl here in Tucson who sells this kind of stuff on her etsy shop and does quite well. So, if you ever decide to sell anything, tell me first (he he). Although, if I were you, I'd never give any of this stuff up. It's all so great. You're just going to have to add on!