Friday, February 8, 2008


I found this great book holder/shelf thingy that was made by a boy in shop class for his mom in 1989. I am assuming.

The books on it were thrifted way back awhile ago--they have great pictures of frolicking children in darling dresses.


susan said...

oooh i love thrifting!!! we have one really great store near here, but why does it seem that other bloggers always make so much better finds then me!!>???
i love the illustrations in that book, they would be darling framed for a sewing room,no??

Angelina said...

I need a dress with perky trims. Unfortunately I think I would look like the hippo in the tutu in Fantasia.

Well, what's wrong with that, anyway?

Pasha said...

Nothing, I think--I am a big girl myself (and not that happy about it). But I love trims on things!