Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fun at the Thrift Store

After slogging through a chapter from my homework and assiduously avoiding housework, and after carefully averting my eyes from the lack of dinner preparations and indeed, food in the house, I went thrifting.

Pretty good day out there.

I got a couple of backpacks to go into my 72 hour preparations--I am setting up one pack for each of us with clothing, food and stuff for an emergency. Right now I have it all in one huge suitcase/duffel but it would be very unwieldy to move around and doesn't have that much in it anyways. I will spare you pictures of those but look at these pretties:

And these buttons were too hard to resist, even though I don't have much use for them.

How about this golfing fabric? I am not a golfer, nor is anyone I know but maybe I will make bags to put on Etsy? I don't think it was intended but all the golfers look like people of color or very suntanned.

So that was my day--not too fruitful workwise but very nice scorewise.


susan said...

ha! a good day thrifting is a good day in my book!! i love that golfing fabric, and youre right, it would make some cute totes or something for your shop. that plaid frilly ribbon is adorable!!
and those cute button cards would be adorable in a baby's room, or maybe framed with some sweet vintage paper???

susan said...

oh i almost forgot, what are these emergency preparations you are making????

Pasha said...

I like to keep a 72 hour emergency kit in my house--in case of disaster or power outages or if we need to leave the house in a hurry. I is supposed to be a 3 day supply of food, water, clothing, toys for kids, medicines, first aid kit etc. I did have it all in one bag but it didn't really fit and my kids are bigger so now they can carry their own backpacks--hence the thrifting backpacks.

susan said...

oh thanks! wow where do you live? is this a regular thing there, or are you just extra anal! hehehe
anal by the way is a good thing! hehe