Thursday, May 24, 2007


I have only been reading other peoples blogs for a few months and only three days ago discovered Google Reader. My blog list is very long and I was starting to get discouraged that I would be able to keep up with them all. I only started this blog a couple of months ago and have been reading how other people get tagged and tell their weird stuff. Well now I have been tagged by Beth over at ModernJax. So here are my:

Seven strange things:
1. I was voted ~Most Talented~ my senior year in high school and back then I felt it was totally justified. This year is my 20 year reunion and I am feeling less confident that I have lived up to their expectations. Then I think "heck yeah, I'm talented".....I'm just not famous yet.

2. I do not like to taste food as I am cooking (with the exception of cookie dough and frosting). The result is usually woefully under salted/seasoned. I also will not eat a dish that I made if I had to handle the meat too much. Like if I had to chop up a whole chicken then I make the whole dish and serve it, and then I have cereal for dinner.

3. I do not like raw tomatoes except in fresh salsa, but they can't be mushy. Once, when I was thirteen, I was invited over to my elderly sunday school teacher's house for brunch. Just me. She served lots of peeled tomatoes with thousand island dressing and crab salad on bread which was then toasted with cheese on top. I ate more thousand island dressing on those tomatoes than I have eaten in my whole life since. Those crab toasts were not so hot either.

4. If I could only have one type of food for the rest of my life--it would be Thai. mmmmmm.

5. I tend not to be creative, or want to be, unless I am very busy--I need interaction in order to create.

6. My favorite series of books in the whole world are the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy books. I am always stunned to meet people who haven't read them or don't appreciate them. Then I discovered that many people think that they are an adolescent male thing. Sigh. I doubt an adolescent male really understands what he is reading. If you doubt the brilliance of Douglas Adams, check out Last Chance to See. That is his masterwork and is not even science fiction. (Ok, so I have no idea why this is so giant, sorry)

7. I have hearing aides but I hate to wear them so you'll just have to speak up.

Now I have to tag 7 other people. That is gonna be tough because I cannot think of anyone that hasn't been tagged. I guess I will post this and do some research and get back to you. I have more to say but it will have to wait.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Swap-bot strikes again

Ok, so I hope this fulfills my obligation for Cheryl. I will elaborate more later but blogger is eating my words.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Be still my heart.

I picked up this shirt for my little one at the thrift store ($1), and I cannot get enough of it!! It looks to be in never washed condition and the greatest thing is, he has worn it for three days straight!
The flowers are silk screened on and have that plasticky feel, but the fabric is a nice weight to carry it off.
The shirt was made in Brazil and has this great tag--I don't know if it is Brazilian or made for the American market. (just checked--it's Brasilian!)

On a side note, I took the entrance exam for math and passed!! I don't have to take any extra classes to get into the statistics class--YAY!!!!!! (way too many exclamation points--sorry).

So now I will take one elective for grad school this summer, probably Ethics for Social Workers, (seems like that should be mandatory (?!))

Alas, now I have to clean house so that a number of people can come over and have dinner tomorrow night. I am making the Cook's Country version of simplified Pasta Primavera. I would give you the link, but apparently you have to buy the magazine.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Look at all the lovely things I got from Laura . This was the pink and brown swap and she went the mini spa way--very lovely. There was also chocolate but that disappeared fairly quickly!

Here is the first of several zipper bags for my shop. Through the years of thrifting I have accumulated many, many zippers. Especially metal zippers. I have used a few in clothing but I have a rather large selection of nylon zippers too. Here is my solution. Check the shop for more pics.

And now onto my recent thrift acquisitions!!
A nice bit of upholstery fabric that was in a bag with other stuff.

A gorgeous big piece in yellow and orange--I have a bit of this in blue and green too!

This fantastic plaid is wool. Need I say more?

I just can't get enough of orange and green and gingham checks!

Ahhh, lovely. Now I need to sew, sew like the wind!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Swaps, grad school, whatever

Here is a not too great picture of the things I received from the Crafty Daisies summer swap. Alice sent this great pile of stuff--shells, buttons, balloons, books and more. The felted purse and the rainbow box are especially lovely. Thank you Alice !

So, I have made the decision to go to grad school.

My biggest stumbling block is a stupid statistics class I have to finish before January. Now, I went all the way up to calculus in high school, but that has been 20 years. How hard can it be?, I ask myself. Well, let me tell you, if you do not use double variable equations, exponents and who knows what all else, on a regular basis--let's just say, they are nowhere to be found in my brain.

It looks like I have to take bonehead algebra at the community college just to be able to take the statistics class. Sigh. Quite a blow to my pride.

Topic change..........Swap-bot...........

has anyone tried this? I signed up for a couple and am now regretting it. I sent one off and have another one to do. Bleahgh I don't know why I do this, I get all enthused about swapping and then go and overobligate myself. I shall now limit myself to swaps that I happen to find by accident on the blogs that I read--at least then I have something in common with a potential partner. Plus they won't be happening so often. The rules over on swap-bot are kind of a joy kill anyways.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I got in !!

I got accepted to the Masters of Social Work program at ASU.

I have 6 days to decide if I am going to take the position.

My youngest will still be in preschool next year and my others will be in two different schools that are a bit of a drive from home. Is next year mine or theirs?

I did get accepted to the part time program so it isn't a brutal program, but it is three years and about $15,000. When I am done I will have to work at least part time to pay it all back. My dear Mr. Plum (good name for him?) pays my student loans now.