Saturday, May 12, 2007


Look at all the lovely things I got from Laura . This was the pink and brown swap and she went the mini spa way--very lovely. There was also chocolate but that disappeared fairly quickly!

Here is the first of several zipper bags for my shop. Through the years of thrifting I have accumulated many, many zippers. Especially metal zippers. I have used a few in clothing but I have a rather large selection of nylon zippers too. Here is my solution. Check the shop for more pics.

And now onto my recent thrift acquisitions!!
A nice bit of upholstery fabric that was in a bag with other stuff.

A gorgeous big piece in yellow and orange--I have a bit of this in blue and green too!

This fantastic plaid is wool. Need I say more?

I just can't get enough of orange and green and gingham checks!

Ahhh, lovely. Now I need to sew, sew like the wind!!


LAURA/GA. said...

I can't believe you Found that Fabric Thrifting! I am Sooo jealous! So Glad you liked the Pink & Brown Goodies!!!

Sonya said...

The fabric haul of the century! said...

I love swaps! Especially when they are good, like this!!!xxo,V

Regina said...

Don't you just love thrifty goodness!!