Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Swaps, grad school, whatever

Here is a not too great picture of the things I received from the Crafty Daisies summer swap. Alice sent this great pile of stuff--shells, buttons, balloons, books and more. The felted purse and the rainbow box are especially lovely. Thank you Alice !

So, I have made the decision to go to grad school.

My biggest stumbling block is a stupid statistics class I have to finish before January. Now, I went all the way up to calculus in high school, but that has been 20 years. How hard can it be?, I ask myself. Well, let me tell you, if you do not use double variable equations, exponents and who knows what all else, on a regular basis--let's just say, they are nowhere to be found in my brain.

It looks like I have to take bonehead algebra at the community college just to be able to take the statistics class. Sigh. Quite a blow to my pride.

Topic change..........Swap-bot...........

has anyone tried this? I signed up for a couple and am now regretting it. I sent one off and have another one to do. Bleahgh I don't know why I do this, I get all enthused about swapping and then go and overobligate myself. I shall now limit myself to swaps that I happen to find by accident on the blogs that I read--at least then I have something in common with a potential partner. Plus they won't be happening so often. The rules over on swap-bot are kind of a joy kill anyways.


Sonya said...

I did the algebra and statistics route at community college - I had to take statistics twice, eep! As for swapbot, I have never indulged, but my friend Kristin over at Kleas has. I like the idea of happening upon swaps.

Alice said...

When I took statistics many years ago my professor told us that if we didn't know an answer say 12, that way it looks like you thought about the answer and just got it wrong OR you just may be right. The one time I remember someone doing that they were actually right. Good Luck! said...

YAY!!!! Grad school! What fun? Okay, here is how I feel, awesome to go to grad school awesome to have your masters in your hot little hand. But Algebra and math stuff??? Aye aye aye. Too much for me. So, I also have to commend you for taking this on! I am sure you will do wonderfully! Yipeee! xxo,V