Saturday, March 31, 2007

Projects are coming along...

I am assembling an inventory to open my etsy shop. I think these outfits are just darling, so now if I can get the word out maybe other people will think so too.

I also have this sweater that I could not resist when I was at the thrift store. (I was looking for wool sweaters) This thing is so horrible, I am not even sure it is good. I am thinking that I could make a couple of bags out of it. Maybe lined with a drawstring type closure?

I would say that the colors on my screen are just as horrifying as they are in person but the ball fringe is actually crocheted.
I will post a picture of whatever I do with it.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I am not much of a blogger...

I wish I was chatty and cute like some of the blogs I keep up with but since I won't even tell anyone I have a blog I am not sure it will ever happen. Oh cool I just did a hyperlink.
Now I think I will put a picture.
This is a trophy wreath I made from my old highschool trophies, I think it is totally rad but I am getting a cool reception from other people. Perhaps I am showing the wrong people.