Saturday, April 14, 2007

Thrift store bonanza and a Power Ranger

Grab bag of fabrics and the next couple of patterns I will try for more Etsy clothes.

Wool sweaters that I now buy obsessively even though I can't think of much to make besides Betz White's pincushions, which, of course, I cannot sell.
Postcard that some of my grab bag of trim was wrapped around. It is from Panama City 1960 and has a 3 cent stamp. Sent to people in Gallatin, TN (I have been there!)
More trim (I cannot stop!!!). Four Mikasa plates.

My almost four year old in the "Power Ranger" costume I made for him. (With his Superman cape) He is pretty much unstoppable. :-)


Sonya said...

What a haul! I love the unexpected surprises. And who was that flash of orange? Thanks again for the swap package!

Beth said...

I also blogged about thrift stores this week, but you made out much better than I did!
I finished big footed bunny just in time for Easter. Thanks for your comment!