Tuesday, April 3, 2007

This blog has now been read by "the public"

I have now put my address out to strangers and Sonya my partner in the Shim and Sons button swap said she loved my blog. Now I am pretty sure that there is a bit of hyperbole in that statement but nevertheless, I feel highly encouraged to continue.
So here I am showing you the bag from the horrible sweater. It is really big and I cannot envision a situation where I would use it, so I guess I will put it up on etsy when I get my shop up and running.

I do think it is much better as a bag than a sweater though.

I also went thrifting today and totally scored in the notions and trims dept. I had a coupon and got all this and more for less than $15. Actually there is a lot more but this is some of the best.
I keep checking to see what this post looks like and I am completely flummoxed by this setup. The pictures come up in weird places and the text just randomly breaks. Clearly I need to research this a little more. Also I think I need to change the settings on my camera so the pictures are a little clearer.


Sonya said...

Look at all that ribbon - quite the haul. And two more things: the sweater is much happier in its bag manefestation and not a speck of hyperbole.

Ms. T said...

If you use flickr, I find it helps to write my blog posts through them instead. For some reason, there's fewer problems with formatting.