Thursday, April 5, 2007

testing photo settings

Ok, I will put up another couple of cutie outfits that I took with different camera settings and background. Let's see what they look like.
Well the resolution is better but I don't know about my picture taking skillz.
Here is the back. This is my favorite one of all I have made so far. The trim is so perfect--it was really hard to use it on the dress, but I am training myself to use the lovely things I have instead of just accumulating raw materials.


Sonya said...

*impatiently tapping foot for etsy store to open*

Beth said...

Pasha, the dress is gorgeous. I love my boy to pieces, but I just don't get to make cute clothes like this for him!

Thank you for the kind words over on my blog. I'm going to try to get Mr. Bunny done today. I will let you know!

PS I love what you did with the horrendous sweater. Who knew it could become something so cute!