Monday, April 16, 2007

Button Swap Bonanza

Hooray for Sonya!! Wow, what a lovely selection of buttons--I think she must have a much nicer collection than I do because these are the ones she is willing to give away! Here is the line up--I took this shot outside in some crazy rainy weather, so they don't shine quite as much as in person.Here is a subset on some nice polka dotted rayon she included.

More goodies plus a whole 'nother dozen buttons!!

Trims, bracelet, is all too much.

Another vingette, there is that cohesiveness that I struggle to attain in my groupings of things.
Thankyou Sonya! Such a fun swap.


Sonya said...

Your welcome Pasha!! said...

I adore Sonya! I am so glad you did a swap with her! What fun! Oh, your blog is lovely! I have so much catching up to do, and looking forward to a fresh new place to visit! New to me that is, love your blog name! xxo,V