Friday, June 6, 2008

More desert flowers

When you live in the desert you have to pay close attention to things in order to see truly beautiful things.  This is some sort of weedy vine in my weed patch that I love because it is green.  Sometimes I think I should more carefully arrange the plants and cultivate orderly blooms but I am not much of a gardener in  a more moderate clime, and working in the yard here involves heatstroke, so, you know....   
I have been busy with the kids in swimteam and I joined the gym and have been going for a month now (yay me!).  I think that I am starting to see windows of opportunity for crafting/sewing/studio time.  That is good because this summer is going by fast (summer starts here in May with the hotness and all).


susan said...

im sorry that is flowers for you.=(
that is so great you have been going to the gym. keep it up. we pretty much went from winter to summer here too, it just got warm tho

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Don't let summer slip away! I'm off to plant my garden ... summer's just getting here. Have a great weekend!