Saturday, May 31, 2008

What should I do with this?

Of course I got these at the thrift store, in a bag, in seemed promising.....?
Bathroom set with hardware added in black marker.
Dining room and living room furniture.  The book shelf needs books and the planter had some dried play dough in it but the flowers had long since gone.  On the table is steak and potatoes, a loaf of bread and one very tiny knife, (because of course there is only one chair).
These are the babies that came with the set--the pink one is actually a little bit pinker than that. And then of course the raccoon.  Can't you just imagine the little girl that played with these? 

 They were poor and couldn't afford the doll house so she just used a box but every inhabitant of that humble house was welcomed with open arms and loved equally.


I got this in a bag at the thrift store--it was in pieces and I was not sure what it was but it seemed cute and you know how that goes.  I only glued the major panels together--all the painting and small pieces were already on.  It is missing two small pieces on the back at the bottom but otherwise seems complete.  The painting is really nicely done with only a few splotches (must have been done by an adult).   The thing is, it really isn't my style in terms of collections.  Do you think I should Etsy it?  Or do any of my ever expanding reader list just love it?  


Knitsonya said...

That hot pink baby is so funny. As for the offer of the table loom, have you been looking at my browser history or something? Wow, yes I would love a table loom! Please excuse the lame replying to a comment through a comment.

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

I love how those thrift store finds come with their own history ... I really can see a little girl playing with her treasures. I didn't know there was a shade of pink pinker than that baby, though!

susan said...

hehe cute little finds. you dont know any little munchkin that would love them?
love the hot pink baby!!

Anonymous said...

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