Friday, May 9, 2008

Ground meats....Intriguing? Discuss.

So, I am thinking not so much intriguing as....hamburgers.  Too bad this one has a bit of something dried on the cover.  These pictures just thrill me so much--the colors and the captions and then of course the foods.  Sigh.


barbara said...

Wow, with all the adjectives in the world, they thought "intriguing" was the best one to describe ground meat? I'm checking out the picture of the asparagus smothered in what looks to be Velveeta - and I think I see a ball of something with olives on it. Geez, it is kind of intriguing!

Pasha said...

mmmm, velveeta on asparagus. I wonder if someone from 1956 who thought this was high cuisine was instantly transported to the present would like the food of today. Of course many people have lived from the 50s to now but they have seen the transition in food. Of course, you can still buy Velveeta so obviously some people are staying old school.

mmmm, ball of olivey stuff.

susan said...

mm now see i thought that was some rather thick disgusting hollandaise sauce on the aspargus, but i am starting to think that would be too highbrow. i dont know balls of olivey stuff does not sound intriquing, it sounds scary