Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My goodness, I have been doing a lot of not much lately.  I have had no luck at the thrift stores and have not felt the need to create much.  I did revamp some clothes to wear to my internship (which started today).  And I took lunch in my bento lunchbox which was a great success.  So I am just checking in and showing you my boys in their new hairstyles.

I did give my studio a good cleaning and managed to give a great big pile away on freecycle.  Here is a picture in the dark of my lovely bits that I cannot seem to give up yet--they look especially nice without all the cobwebs.
Off I go now to do my homework--loads of reading and thinking about great big social problems.  


barbara said...

Your studio looks great, and so do those hairdos!

Knitsonya said...

Love your studio - I have my living room walls in a pretty similar shade of mango. And those two kids are just too goofy. Made me crack a big grin.