Sunday, July 20, 2008

12 foot bar of pyrex

I am leaving on a jet plane tomorrow and in the process of cleaning and tidying I got the idea that all my pyrex would cover the top of my now cleaned off kitchen island.  Yep, it does.
Any how, I will be gone to Seattle for a couple of weeks and probably won't be posting, but I am taking the laptop so you never know what I might do.  Tra la!


Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

I am impressed! You can start a museum before long. Have fun in Seattle!

Kim's Treasures said...

Have a great trip! What a great collection of pyrex!

Knitsonya said...

That is AMAZING! I am in awe of your collection. I'll be in Portland area starting Friday for 10 days. Just putting it out there. I wish I was going to Seattle, some day.

Regina said...

Ooooohhh, you give me incredible pyrex envy! I'm glowing green right now.

Hope you are having a fabulous time!!

susan said...

first off, holy crap that is one long island! you would have a giggle fit if you saw what passes for a kitchen in my house!!!
secondly, ooooo lot o pyrex!!!!
travel safe