Sunday, January 27, 2008

Etsy is going well

So etsy is going well--I guess it goes to show me that if I put some effort into something....I have a custom order and have two more orders to ship tomorrow. Yay me!

I am having a hard time getting into the school work though. I want to do so many other things.... but.... then the school stuff is important too. I have to do two very time intensive projects this semester.... but..... I have good partners. One instructor is not too good.... but.... I have hope that she will get better soon.

Well enough musing for now.


Regina said...

Hey Pasha! I just saw that you signed up for the Sonoran Artisans Etsy team. That's so cool because I signed up yesterday and was going to write you about it & let you know. Glad to see you are back. It's gotta be hard to keep this up and have homework! YUK! You have a great stash!!! WOW! See ya around.

Sonya said...

Hey I am still here. That is a hilarious photo.