Monday, September 3, 2007

Alas, such a quiet neglected page

I like to do the FoodBlog Blog Hop sometimes, and I often happen upon blogs whose last entry was sometime in 2006 and usually is an apology for not blogging and a promise to be better about it. So I won't promise anything but I am writing again.

I am trying a new product in my etsy shop -- hand dyed lace. I did some on a whim and liked how it turned out. I had bought a large tangled roll of rayon lace in a grab bag of notions at the thrift store--probably 50 or 75 yards. I, of course, have no use for this much lace but I did want whatever else was in the bag. So then I dyed some and think it would be great in a number of sewing and non-sewing projects.

I have many lovely thrifted items to show you for next time--aaack, I just made mention of a next post!!


susan said...

so where are these items you promised to show us?? the lace is pretty. i have wanted to try my hand at hand dyeing but have been afraid.

pasha said...

Ha! who even knows what I was thinking back then? No one was interested in the lace but I have tons of it!