Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The elusive title

So I got all ambitious and joined the doll quilt swap and then completely dropped the ball on blogging. I finally got google reader going for my blogroll and that made it so easy to keep up but less easy to stay involved. My class is over on Friday--can't come soon enough--and swimteam is almost over. Hopefully then I can get back to some mental order.

Anyways, here is the doll quilt I put together. I am not sure if it is good. The middle square is actually a vintage square that I found in a random bag at the thrift store. My swap partner asked for quilter's choice so I just started sewing. So I ask you my loyal readership if you would enjoy getting this quilt in the mail? I have a couple of other ideas so I could do another but I don't really feel the vibe right now. But I will re-do if this one is not up to snuff. (you see I am not really vibing on this one either but maybe it is good?)It is machine quilted but I did hand finish the bias tape and label -- which for me is sayin' somethin'.
Ok, new topic. I found some calico iron on letters. The white is the back of them and you can see what color the calico is from the rest of the square. This is all there are so I need to figure out a series of words that use up all of the letters. I am a waste not, want not kind of a person and having a few orphan letters is just going to kill me. So if any of you are word puzzle kind of people, help me out here!

And now I leave you with a convocation of bad guys waiting for their comeuppance.


Lisa K. said...

I ♥ the scrappiness of the top, and the backing is wonderful. She's sure to love it.

As for the letters - eek! It's an anagramming puzzle. Here are some computer-generated solutions.

Flow big joked vip's glib, mad zest. This uses all. The following use a subset.

Wise, giddiest goofball

Wimp if biggest oddballs joke.

I know. They make no sense :o)

Beth said...

Definitely send the quilt, it's lovely!

I think you are going to have to use the letters on multiple projects. Here's what I came up with...

Milk Gal
I dig zoos

The first to are relevant for me as a breastfeeding mama and a citizen of the US living under the current administration. OK, I guess the third one is, too...I mean I do enjoy a visit to the zoo, and my house sometimes resembles one. The last two are out of desperation. I looked online and sped is an acronym for Society of Piping Engineers and Designers or Special Education. Or maybe you could find a bed and breakfast called Sped that needs a t-shirt! ;-) But hey, I used all the letters and symbols!

The Calico Cat said...

Your doll quilt is sweet & thrifty - 2 hallmarks of a doll quilt...

mamaspark said...

Love the doll quilt. I adore those fish! What swim team are you a part of? I had 2 that swam for YEARS! My DH and I were officials for swimming for the last 10 or so years.

Fiona said...

I adore your quilt - of course you must send it, if I was your partner I would love it.